Give user 5 points for opening email

Hey Guys,
I have created a action that add user 5 points when he open a mail.

My idea is to give user 5 point for each mail he open.
If he open the same mail twice or more i want it to still be 5 points.

The way it works now if i remove “Is repeatable” it only works for one mail and only once.
And if user open another mail he won’t get points

If i add “Is repeatable” it give 5 points for each mail opened.
If the same mail opened 5 times the user will get 25 point when i want it to be only 5.

Is there a way to do that?
This is my current settings on the system.

The way around this would be to add an action to a campaign after a decision of the user opening an email and then allocating him a point and not doing it through triggers for points

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Thanks man appreciate the help,

That seems like a pain in the ass doing it for when there are many campaigns.
That also don’t work if i send mail outside a campaign as a mail to a list.

But from what i get you say that on campaign it only count email opening once?

great thing about Mautic is there are many ways to do the same thing, I could think of maybe setting up a segment with open email filter, add all your emails to that include and then have a campaign assigning the 5 points to everyone inside the segment. As someone opens a mail they will go into the segment, then into the campaign and get their 5 points.

My advice would be get into the habit of when creating a campaign start adding this going forward. (my previous answer)

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