Batch editing contacts - how can it be done?

Hi :slight_smile:

Probably due to an import gone bad, i have well over thousand contacts where the first and/or last names are β€œβ€ β€œβ€ (aka double quotation mark)

Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 13.27.17

This results in an awkward situation where if i send an email with:
Hello {contactfield=firstname},
The user will get:
Hello β€œβ€,

How can i batch edit all name fields and remove the double quotation marks?
I rather have an empty/null filed instead of having the double quotation marks in there, because mautic mistakes it for a real name.

I tried exporting all relevant contacts, and re-importing them with null in firstname and lastname, but it didn’t work.

Any ideas?

Hi @Omer,

When you exported the contacts, did you then delete them from mautic? If not, then the import probably merged what was already in the database for the first and last name (the quotation marks).

If you did delete them after exporting, have you tried re-importing those contacts from a CSV that ONLY has the e-mail address with no columns for first and last (since you don’t have anything in those fields anyway)?

If it were me, I’d clear all affected contacts out of mautic, build a new CSV with first and last names properly structured and included, and then import all over again – emails sent without a name for the recipient often get flagged by spam filters.

Hope that helps!