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Best practises for server migration to upgrade to version 4

So it looks like I will need to build a new server with PHP 7.4 to upgrade to Mautic 4. I’m one of those making good use of the bitnami builds in AWS. Has worked so well and easy to setup. Unfortunately even their most current build is Mautic 3.3.3 but with PHP 7.3. From what I can determine from their support forums they do not recommend upgrading PHP in place but firing up a new server and sliding across.

My gut feeling is that at some point they will release a V4 image with PHP 7.4. At this point any good practise to migrate my 3.3 data across to a new V4 instance? I can do mysql backups and imports easily enough, but concerned about any schema variations that may cause issues.

So, any thoughts on making this doable when the day comes?

Thanks, Richard

Provision server with 7.4 enabled- migrate Mautic 7.3 instance to 7.4 enabled server- update to Mautic 4 via CLI

That was my hope, for time reasons I’m using the Bitnami build. They offer 3.3.3 but only in PHP 7.3. While I can fire up and build a good image, I just haven’t got the time at the moment for a small science project! I did try Mautic on a NGINX build and had too many issues so went the easy route :slight_smile: