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Bounces doesn't work


I created a segment: bounced email and I give it this filter: bounced emails equals yes
I also have the mautic:email:fetch cron job running
and Custom return path (bounce) address:

I have 2 problems:
I receive bounces on the E-mail address that i send emails from and not on the bounces email that I’ve created: Custom return path (bounce) address:

The second problem is that the bounced email segment that I’ve created is always empty even if I receive bounces (I run also a cron job to update segments and it works because my Unsubscribed segment is always updated.


@ebk abdel
IF you setup the bounce setting you are done.
If you wanna create a list of the bounce email you have followed this
1- Go to segment
2- Create a new segment called Bounces (or any name you like)
3- In the Filters tab select Bounce > equal > Yes
4 Save
Then when Mautic detect a Bounce email this segment will collect the email for you.

Bizcrony: thank you but I’ve already done this like I said but even if i get bounced emails this bounces segment is always empty

any help?