Broadcast/segment email is not showing up in my campaign

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My Mautic version is: 3.3.3
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My problem is: broadcast/segment email is not showing up in my campaign

I created a new segment/broadcast email. I want to resend the email to people that did not open the email and so created a new campaign. I select the appropriate segment and next add the Action ‘Send email’. Yet I only see my autoresponder emails in the list to choose from, not my broadcast email.
It seems I am missing something basic here. Can anyone enlighten me?


Is it possible, that you are filtering it somehow? (Sometimes I forget a string in the search bar and it filters out the emails)

Hi Joey,
Do you mean Segment > Filters? If so, nothing is set.

No. I mean Channels > Emails

Nope, no filter there. I see all my emails, both segment and autoresponder.
Would that change the list I see when I want to add an email in my campaign step?

Can you plz send a screenshot where you are looking for this option?
Is it in Campaigns?
If so - in campaigns you cannot send broadcast emails, you have to send them in the Channels > Emails.

Okay, I see your screenshot now.

Template Email is to be used in campaigns. If you want to send a broadcast you need to create a segment email, choose a segment and send them.

Here is a simple video:

It is from campaigns and I did create a segment email. The idea was to be able to send the email again in case of non open.
Is that possible at all?

There are 2 problems here:

  1. If you created a campaign, which has the last step ‘send email’ and a contact already finished the campaign (completed the last step.) then adding a new step won’t be triggered for them.
  2. You can send a segment email (broadcast if you will) to any segment. If you’d like to re-send to a segment of non-openers you can have a segment for that (modify your original segment).

    This example would send the emails to those vegetarians (original segment) who have not opened that mail in question.

Awesome. We live and learn!