BUG: v3.0.1, Hubspot, field mapping, mapped fields are not saving reliably


Mapping fields in the Hubspot plugin does not always save. Hitting Apply goes back to the Enabled/Auth page. Opening the Contact Mapping page shows previously mapped fields blank.




Sometimes clicking Save & Close does save the field map but not always. I can’t determine under which circumstances fields will retain mapped.


I just opened the mapping and changed nothing, hit save and close and was returned to the Enabled screen with an error message “This form should not contain extra fields.”

2020-07-03 12_11_22-Window

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you are having problems.

This is a known bug, we have communicated that HubSpot users should hold off updating as a result.

Issues where we are tracking:

We just had a PR to address some additional/related issues with the pagination here:

We are working on a fix for these issues which we hope (pending sufficient testing) to ship with 3.0.2 on 27th July.

Sorry for the double posting. I searched around the forums and didn’t find any of these. ??

It was in the release announcements linked above for the beta and stable - I have also added it to the status thread here: Mautic 3 Status Thread as we had negated to add it there.

I can add to this that exactly the same thing is happening here but with the SugarCRM plugin to SuiteCRM.