Unable to switch Mautic php version - attempting to get SugarCRM plugin to work

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.4.1
My PHP version is: 8.0
My Database type and version is: 10.6.12-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.22.04.1

Your problem
My problem is: I’ve been having an issue getting the SugarCRM integration plugin to work properly (the field mappings don’t appear to persist after I save them).

These errors are showing in the log: I can’t see any errors in the log which relate to this (only a cron permission issue which I’ve now resolved thanks to another thread. According to mautic all my permissions are now correct.

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:

I’ve been going through various threads to attempt to resolve this and had various bits of advice on the setup I need to use. One of these was that I should be using php 8.0 with my version of Mautic 4.4.1. I had php 8.2 installed and according to the interactive menu (sudo update-alternatives --config php) I was using php version 8.2. However when I look at system info on the Mautic front end it shows that I am using version 7.4.33.

According to the commands I’ve been running as per this thread and this thread version 7.4 should be disabled so I don’t understand how it’s referencing which version of php to use.

I have SuiteCRM and Mautic running on the same server if it makes any difference to any of this. The main thing I’d like to rule out at this point is that the issue is something to do with the PHP version so if anyone has a better idea how I need to switch it it would be greatly appreciated (I’m generally fairly rookie with PHP and Apache so apologies for this).

If switching the PHP version to 8.0 does not resolve it may be a bug similar to the one described here, however I’d be surprised as I’m sure I’d have found a post by someone else here already.

I’ve restarted apache and cleared the cache several times by the way as I read on various threads.

Thanks for any help anyone is able to provide.

I’m not sure if this is in any way related but as I mentioned above I have SuiteCRM on the same server and I understand this needs to use php version 7.4. I am not particularly expert in PHP configuration so I had anticipated it was possible to use 7.4 with SuiteCRM provided it was installed and 8.0 with Mautic provided it was installed.

I think there may be some distinction between the php version default of the server and the ones the applications are using but I’ll revert properly when I’ve had some sleep if someone hasn’t already pointed out my blunder :slight_smile:

Just to update here I’m looking at this thread to get rid of the version 7 stuff off my machine. I’m just trying to ascertain whether this will blow up SuiteCRM.

If it does I might have to split the servers which will make me want to cry but nevermind…

Okay latest update is that I understand you can run different versions of PHP provided you setup subdomains and have seperate virtual hosts. It turns out the chap that installed mautic for me had already done this.

After some hours not understanding why the virtual hosts configuration wasn’t doing what I expected I noticed there were some nearly identical files with domain-le-ssl.conf which I decided to take a look at.

These files were the files being used presumably because I’m using ssl for access to mautic and suitecrm and the version 7.4 was being specified in suitecrm’s ssl virtual host file.

I’ve switched it to version 8.0 php and it now shows correctly in the mautic front end system info view.

The only problem is despite this the fields I’m setting in the sugar crm integration still don’t persist. Investigation continues.

P.s in case anyone else wants to setup different PHP versions on virtual hosts this is what I was following.

Okay the very latest on this is that having found no errors and cleared the cache the mapped fields on the plugin still aren’t persisting.

I found this really helpful page about all the logs and where you might find issues, and apart from some with postfix I haven’t seen anything which might explain the api behaviour. I’ve also switched on debug logging which just seems to show a bunch of json and response code 200 to the various request followed by field mappings.

When I hit the save button it just publishes the below so nothing particularly exciting there either:

[2023-09-16 19:27:26] mautic.INFO: Dispatching integration config save event. {“hostname”:“”,“pid”:620}
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Turn the SuiteCRM plugin “off” remove the user/pass.

Flush the cache

Turn it back on and re-connect.

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You’re an absolute wizard @pstevens. Thank you so much, that did the trick!!!

The old switch it off and on again. Can’t believe I didn’t try that one first ha ha!

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