Campagin form not workin with existing e-mail adresses

Your software
My Mautic version is: v2.16.3
My PHP version is: 7.2

Your problem
My problem is:
We have a problem with a campaign form which is a starting point of a new campaign. We have it currently working if the sub form is filled in with a new email address. Hence, if we try to submit a form with an email address that already exists in Mautic, the form can not be send and the user will not run through the campaign. Does anyone have any idea how this occurs and how we can fix this issue.

Hi, are you trying to test a campaign in Mautic and the Form Submission won’t trigger the campaign?
Is it possible, that the contact already ran through the campaign?
Did you turn on ‘Campaign can be restarted’ by the individual campaign’s settings?

I have an article on my blog about campaign triggers, maybe that helps.

Hi @joeyk
First of all, thanks for your answer. Yep, that’s the case. But it also occurs with contacts that did not ran through the specific campaign that I’m testing at the moment, but ran through another. Even the form submission doesn’t work with existing e-mails contacts. If you submit a form with an existing e-mail address, the form even can’t be submitted.

The campaign can be restarted was already turned on.

It is a new campaign for a whitepaper and also existing contacts need to be able to run through the campaign.

We have checked the source code of the page with the form ( and we can’t find the problem.

It’s a bit tricky to see where the process gets stuck.
Is the form connected to an Action?
Or the form starts a campaign?
If the form starts a campaign, do you see the person who just submitted the form being member of a campaign?

(I tested it, no email yet)


Hi Joey, thanks again for your effort and time. The form starts a campaign and I just noticed that you submitted the form and that you’ve received and read the email. Now, you’re a member of the campaign as well. So, in this case, it is working as it should. However, if your e-mail address was already identified in our Mautic, it would not have worked.

Okay, so what did make me a member of this campaign?
An action after fill out? Or you put me in a segment, and the campaign source is the segment OR the campaign source is the form?
The question is: what qualified me to be a member?

Also: is there a next step for me in this campaign after the first email?


The campaign source is the form. So, the submitted form qualified you to be a member.

After the form is submitted, an e-mail is send with the downloadable. asset is send immediately. Regardless if the asset has been downloaded, another e-mail will be send after 7 days.

If the asset has been downloaded, there will be an integration to a CRM system and there will be a reward of 10 points.

The campaign works as it should work for new e-mail addresses. However, it does not work for existing e-mail addresses because the form can not be submitted.

I just re-submitted my email.
But since I’m the member of your campaign, it won’t start again - this is not how it works.
It will only start to those who are not member of this campaign.

Can you remove me from the campaign, that we can test re-submission?

Thanks! I have removed you from the campaign.

Ok, now check if I’m added again :slight_smile:

Yep, you’re added again to the campaign

And I got the email.
So is it clear for you how it works? :slight_smile: