Campaign action isn't triggered

I have a question regarding email campaigns with the campaign builder.

(English is not my first language and my mautic campaign builder is in German, so I may not always use the correct terms)

I created a segment that includes all contacts that were created between one and seven days ago. The segment works like I wanted and the contacts in question are part of the segment.

Based on that, I created a campaign using the campaign builder. The intention for that campaign is to send an email to the contacts of that segment every day - a different email depending on the age of the contact.


  • contact X was created 2 days ago

  • contact Y was created 1 day ago

  • today, contact X receives email 2, contact Y receives email 1

  • tomorrow, contact X receives email 3, contact Y receives email 2

  • …and so on, until the contacts drop out of the segment because their created date is more than 7 days ago

For that, I selected the segment in the campaign and created a different condition for each day, choosing to execute “now” (in my German UI “Diesen Vorgang ausführen…” - “sofort”). I set the trigger to “custom date field” / “equals” / “-1 days” for the first email, with “-2 days” and so on for the other conditions.

Each condition is connected to a “send email” action, also set to execute “now”.

The campaign is active and contacts are correctly sorted into the different conditions, but no email is sent. If I look at the contacts, I can see events of the type “action triggerd” corresponding to the name of the condition but there is no event corresponding to the email action.

In another campaign with no condition and only a send email action, the email is successfully sent, so in general sending emails through actions works for me.

What did I do wrong? I found nothing to explain it in the documentation.

Is it something about the connection between condition and action? Or is it connected to the “execute now” in condition and action? (and what does "now " mean in thhis context anyway?)


Let me rephrase it:

Do you want to send an email to every person who lands in the segment every day for 7 days?


There are bugs with the custom dates fields and firing actions based on relative time to a custom date.

What version of Mautic are u using?

Try to do the same relative time logic in a simpler campaign, ie send an email to all people in a test segment and use the same relative time logic, ie -2 days from the custom date and see if the email sends. That way we can figure out if its campaign logic at fault or a a bug in the custom dat field triggers.

I think your campaign logic could be out. How exactly are you filtering people to be in your 7-day segment? I don’t recall there being a condition for date of contact creation.

Once they are in the campaign, I don’t think there is logic to fire a particular email based on contact created date. Are you somehow inserting the age-created date into a custom date field? If so then the custom date field logic could work as a trigger, not withstanding the bugs with that feature at the moment.

yes that is what I want to do, but there is a different email depending on how long the contact exists.

Simplified example:

  • today’s date is 04. Jan 2021
  • the person who registered on 01. Jan 2021 receives an email containing “you registered 3 days ago”
  • the person who registered on 03. Jan 2021 receives another email containing “you registered yesterday”

This happens every day, so that every person receives 7 different emails (after that the person drops out of the segment)

I use version 3.3.3.

I will test your tipp soon and reply.

Fir start you would need to make those filters, but later, you actually don’t need them, cause you can place them on the segment once their automation should start.

You can use this format: 3 days ago is: custom_date is more or equal then -3 days AND custom_date is less then -2 days.


now I have a solution, but it’s not exactly a “nice” one.

Now i have seven segments and the contacts switch perfectly between the segments if they reach the conditions. BUT if i dont use seven campaigns (one for every segment) i get in trouble at exactly this point.

If I try to do it in one campaign like this, contacts in segment 2 also receive the email that is for segment 1 contacts. What am I doing wrong?

I have exact the same problems with a relative date campaign.

It’s really hard to handle because a normal user don’t know about the bugs and problems with these date issues in mautic. So maybe the complete campaign approach will not work for such use cases.

Maybe it is better to handle these relative date emails also not in a campaign but with different segment emails (same approach as mentioned at Send daily newsletter in mautic (with monthly campaign)? - #5 by iparker)?

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You are setting the ‘NO’ branch. and filtering for segment membership. It means, that if NOT member of that segment, then the email will go out. You have 2 segment, and I guess the contacts are NOT member of 2 segments, so they get 2 emails.

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Sorry - what do you mean with ‘NO’ branch? Where is specified that a contact that is NOT a member of the segments will receive an email?

You made a ‘Bedingung’ for checking Segment Membership which has 2 Branches:
True and False


And in the campaign Builder you choose the False (red) side to continue with the Campaign.

In your Campaign you are saying:

  • If the person is not in the ‘1Tag nach Registrierung’ Segment, then send that email which follows.

thank you so much, it works!
That was really a dumb mistake on my side, sorry!

Also thanks from my side! I really don’t know about the two decision pathes - I think I never read Decisions | Mautic.

In german I would say “Wer lesen kann ist klar im vorteil” ;-).

In case of Mautic, it’s more like “Man lernt nie aus” :smiley:

I have also some questions about the best way to realize a relative date campaign. I created a new topic for this at Campaign with relative dates - what are best practices?.