Campaign trigger command execute event multiple times for same contact

System Information
Mautic version: 3.2.0
PHP version: 7.2

I have few campaign created to send notification emails to user at scheduled time only. According to Mautic’s campaign execution behaviour It should send notification when the scheduled time is arrived and do not consider it in next cron for campaign trigger.

But It send email notification to those users each time when campaign trigger command is executed.

Can someone please explain what can be the possible failure in this case?

Note: Other 40% campaigns were executing successfully and facing this issue with rest 60% campaigns.

When this happens it’ usually due to some filter criteria staying true and refiring the action.

  1. Unless it’s necessary, make sure you have set campaigns to not allow contacts to restart the campaign.
  2. Mark emails as marketing emails in the campaign builder email module. That will mean they can only be sent once, even if triggered to be sent multiple times.

But both these actions steps won’t solve the core reason for the emails being sent multiple times.

Can you share

  1. The campaign structure screen shot
  2. The filter criteria for the segment that is feeding the campaign.

Hello @robm , Thank you for suggestions.

I have figured out and came to know that, There was some error which was breaking the execution of campaign:trigger command before it sets the “is_scheduled” to 0. So every time when cron re-tries, it keep considering those contacts again and again.

So In this case emails were sending to same contact multiple time. I think it would have been better if is_scheduled is handled and updated as soon as the email is sent successfully.

System logs by Mautic are helpful for tracking background executions.

Thanks again