Campaign Logic Question - "Last execution error: 'user' has already received this marketing email."

Your software
My Mautic version is: 3.1.2
My PHP version is: 7.3.24
My Database type and version is: 10.5.4-MariaDB
IIS 10.0

Hi, I’m curious to the logic of having people re-start a campaign. Here is my scenario for a WinBack campaign. I have a segment that includes all users who’s subscriptions have expired, it will send an email, then wait x days, send a different email, wait x days and so on. Now if a user purchases a subscription again they will be removed from this segment and campaign. All of that is working as expected. It is also setup to allow contacts to restart the campaign.

Now, say that users subscription ends again. Now we want to send them the same WinBack emails. They get added back to the segment, and added to the campaign. However when it tries to send the emails again it gives the error “Last execution error: ‘user’ has already received this marketing email.” I assume this is intended action to keep people from being spammed, however leaving the campaign and coming back makes sense to re-trigger in some cases. Is there a way to accomplish this?


Very exciting scenario.

Short version:
Firstly, you are using the “marketing” option for your email. Don’t do it in this case, cause you actually have a transactional email.

Secondly, if a person leaves the campaign (finished the last step) can be readded by leaving and re-qualifying for the segment. You have to make sure you turn on the switch by campaign ‘Can restart campaign’.

Long version:
I have a long blogpost about this with screenshots and different tests. If you have nothing better to do, read it, you can really understand how this works:

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