Campaing id for more then one ID ("--campaign-id=1")

Your software
My Mautic version is: 3.0.1

Your problem
I need to create a cronjob to run 2 campaigns rebuild/trigger ever minute.
I did it using “–campaign-id=1”, it works, but, how May I add 2 campaings ID on the cron.
I´ve try “–campaign-id=1,2” but it don´t works.

Any one know how do it?

They will be processed sequentially either way unless you use the force option. I would recommend against the -f because you will interrupt the previous process.
I see a few potential problems beyond that. Is a minute enough time for each cron to process?

Why not create 2 cron jobs per task if you must use this method of designating specific campaigns?
mautic:campaigns:rebuild –campaign-id=1
mautic:campaigns:trigger –campaign-id=1
mautic:campaigns:trigger –campaign-id=2

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Because This will create 2 tasks on the kernel and increase the LA.
I need do this for 15 maitics on the same server.

Creating one line for each was ok. But. Is not a optimized method for this job…