Campaing with form field conditions

My Mautic version is: 4.4.10

Hi There,

I’m trying to set up a campaign. The form has a select field where people can select one of four products to receive a whitepaper from. In the campaign I have set up several conditions to check what whitepaper people are requesting. Everything goes fine until I fill in the form again to request another whitepaper. Then I only receive the whitepaper I already received last time. So it looks like it stops at the condition from the previous form completion.

See the screenshot for an example. Can someone please help me?

Hi @klaasvna ,
could you share a bit more information about your construct? It would be good to see how the Select Field is constructed in the form, how the condition to check for the select field is done and also, if the contacts are ever removed from the campaign or just wait at the bottom until the form is filled out again.


Hi Leon,

When I read your comment I thought I had the solution. I added a “change campaign” action to the bottom of each ‘funnel’ to remove the contact from the campaign. But it didn’t work. When I filled out the form the second time I got the same whitepaper as the previous time. In some way it keeps remembering the previous form completions.

I got some screenshots of the select field and the condition check…Hope it helps.

I think what is happening is the value first selected when the form is filled out for the 1st time is still true when the form is completed the second time, so when it checks for the 1 st condition, it sends the 1st white paper as the condition is true.

Try adding a step, after the sending of the white paper, to reset the field that holds the form value field.

Hi Rob,

I guess that exactly what’s happening. How can I reset that field? I can’t find an option like that.

It’s only working when I delete all form submissions or the contact, but thoose two actions are not desirable.

How are you storing the form field value, I assume as a custom field, or maybe a tag?

I would have a form action be to apply a tag that relates to the white paper they have requested. In the campaign have a condition that look for the presence of that tag, if yes then send the white paper. Then have an action after the email send option that removes the tag, using the modify tag option.

If you want to keep track of who has received which white paper you could have a campaign step that adds them to a segment based on which white paper they requested, or apply a different tag that is not removed, and not sued to trigger the email send, but is only their to ID which contacts have received which white papers.

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your reply. No I’m not storing the form field value as a custom field of tag. As far as I can see, I can only apply a general tag as a form action. So I cant set a specific tag based on the form input.

I now got some sort of a workaround → I first created a campaign to add contact to a segment based on the form input. So if someone requests whitepaper A they get assigned to the Whitepaper A segment.
Second, I created four campaigns (this form has four whitepaper options) which start when a contact gets assigned to a certain segment. When the contact is added to the segment the mail is being sent. When I fill out the form another time and selecting another whitepaper. The contact is added to a new segment and I receive the new email. That works fine!

But when I try to request a whitepaper for the second time, I dont receive it anymore because I already are in that specific segment.

When I try to solve this problem by removing the contact from the segment after the whitepaper mail is sent, I ran into a similar problem as before. My old form submission are remembered and I will again receive multiple whitepaper.

Do you have any ideas?

I got it to work properly! I stored the information from the dropdown field in a custom contact field. So when people choose whitepaper A, the value is stored in the contact field. Then they enter the campaign, there I’ve setup several conditions to check the value of the contact field. So if the contact field value is Whitepaper A they receive the corresponding emails.

When I fill out the form a second time the contact field value is overwritten, so it will send the right whitepaper. After that I can come back and request a whitepaper a requested before and it will still send the right one.

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