Can Mautic bulk personalize emails to sent with column headers of a Google Sheet or CSV file?

I don’t use Mautic yet but I want to know if Mautic can do this:

I want to send out emails in large quantity that will need to be personalized (e.g. with First name, Last name, Company name, Job title etc. (whatever is mentioned in the column headers of the Google Sheet or CSV file) for each contact based on the column headers of a Google Sheet or a CSV file that has all the info about each contact.
How can this be done in Mautic?
Thank you :running_man:

yes, you can do this with Mautic.
You would:

  1. Create the custom fields in Mautic to correspond to your Google sheet structure
    Manage custom fields | Mautic
  2. Save your Google sheet as CSV
  3. Import contacts
    Import contacts | Mautic
  4. Create Email with tokens (personalization)
    Email & Landing Page Builder | Mautic
  5. Send email.

You would need to have Mautic set up properly to make sure all cronjobs are runnig and email sending is configured.



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