Can social buttons be customized?


Is there a way to change the details of the socialshare buttons?

I’m seeing this:


And I’d like to keep just the second twitter button.


Is that in your mail and landing page template?
Sure you can change them or get a customized template.

The share buttons… I wouldn’t use them anymore. To much hazzle regarding data privacy and most of the time they don’t work anyway (don’t bring results).

Thanks @dirk_s

It is a landing page I’m working on. I’d like to give it a shot… could you point me into how to customize them?


Thats the start: Customizing themes | Mautic

Be careful with mail templates coding, if you have no experience for that. A lot of pitfalls we spoke about at the mautic conference. In case you look for something out of the box customized to a brand:
Mail Template Generator for Mautic - twentyZEN

However - we don’t have sharing buttons in our landing page in the theme :smiley: