Can't Create E-mail. Spinning Notification After Clicking "Apply"

error reporting is now off. Permissions are all green. I’m just checking the e-mail creation now.

:frowning: Still just hanging, unfortunately.

It seems the cache in this version is under: var/cache. There are quite a few subdirectories there, though, so I’m loath to just go deleting anything there until I have more info.

I am out of ideas! LOL! Ok so when I upgrade to 3x if I encounter this issue Ill debug it and update this post if no one helps you beforehand.

Here are my final ideas:
Check with your hosting company that no security blocks happened like mod_security. Make sure your host or server does not have some kind of caching happening. Also disable opcache too and try again while disabled it if that is enabled. Unless you have root these tend to be things the host needs to do.

Good luck!

Thanks for your help. I’ll see what I can do this end. It’s difficult without being able to debug locally, but I may hard-code the address inside that function, and comment out the two lines temporarily:

        [$email, $domain] = explode('@', $settings['address']);
        $email .= '+unsubscribe';

Thanks again! I’ll update here, of course, if I come up with anything.

In case anybody’s reading through to here, I also have the following error in the javascript console in my browser:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 ()

That referenced directory (/s/emails/new) doesn’t currently exist.

I’ve since found that the original issue was a user error. I wasn’t selecting the Contact Segment in the initial create e-mail screen. However, though the e-mail apparently gets created, if I enter the builder, and change it in any way, the app hangs as before with the spinning wheel.

I’m really starting to think this is a permissions/security issue, but struggling to find it.

Update: It turned out to be an issue with mod_security on my web host (Namecheap). Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the information as to which precise rule was being triggered, but the support person whitelisted the rule, and the e-mail creation now seems to be working.

Yeah I figured it had to be that.