Can't send email to myself!

I’ve been using Mautic for a few years now without issue.

For the last 2 months, I’m getting more bounces, specifically these ones:
“An error occurred while trying to deliver the mail to the following recipients:”

Nothing changed in my Mautic settings or hosting (DNS/IP etc).

I’m on my mailing list and I’m now not able to get my own emails (It’s a Google biz account)
Can anyone offer any advice/tips to make sure these come into my inbox?!

Hi @famerazak,

I would suggest, first of all, checking your error log to see if there is anything suspicious there. Clean your Mautic cache and validate your settings to ensure everything is configured correctly. I don’t know your Mautic version, but it’s also a good idea to check for and install the latest version.

Sending emails to non-existent addresses constantly can get your IP blacklisted. Therefore, after performing the steps above, check your IP reputation and verify if you are on any blacklists using this tool: MXToolbox.

If you are using Amazon SES, validate that everything is fine with the service.

I hope these suggestions provide you with some guidance.

Best regards,

Hey Ricardo

I’m on v3.3.3 right now.

I don’t see any errors in my logs. I’m sending around 1000 emails a week and really, about 30 bounce. I go through each one and remove the ones that are obviously fake or incorrect ( instead if

But now one of the bounces is for one of my email addresses… I don’t understand why that is happening, the error message is what I posted…

I checked Amazon SES and everything is still good; I have SPF, DMARC and DKIM all setup and I guess why most of my emails are getting sent

I wouldn’t worry too much but I want to recieve emails in my inbox as well so this is annoying me as to why my own email is bouncing!

Hi @famerazak

I go through each one and remove the ones that are obviously fake or incorrect ( instead if

It’s great that you consistently review your leads to eliminate fake emails, as this helps prevent being banned.

It’s essential to always have the latest version of Mautic, not just for the new features, but also for compatibility and security. I strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version. Consider setting up a new Mautic instance and testing it before migrating all your leads.

Joining the Mautic Slack community is also highly beneficial!

Best regards,

Hey Ricardo

I don’t get it though…

One of my Gmail accounts gets the email
Another doesn’t…

Not trying to NOT update Mautic but not sure why that would fix it tbh.

I can’t find anything across the web to solve this so properly stuck on this.

Hi, can you check if you are blacklisted in Amazon SES?

  1. Go to SES
  2. Supression List (left)
  3. Remove Email address (right)
  4. Add your email address here.
  5. Try again.
    Let me know!

BINGO, thank you so much for pointing that out

Indeed my email was in the list, I removed it and we’re all good now.