Change timeout in "email not open" automation

How can I change the “timeout” by which an email is considered “not open”?

For testing and eucational purposes I want that when an email is sent, if open within, say, 1 or 2 minutes it’s considered “open”. But after 3 minutes “not open” it triggers the “not open” branch.

You can set the no branch within 3 minutes. Make sure you send emails immediately and your mautic:campaign:update and trigger crons are processing every minute.

Thanks joeyk. I already process the :update and :trigger minutely.

The question is “where do I tell mautic” that the “no read” signal should be “after X minuts/hours/days”? Currently in a test it took like 7 days to consider the emails “not read”.

In the No branch you need to execute the next action after 2 minutes. That is equivalent to “how long to wait until it’s considered no”.
I understand, that you have to wait 7 days for the next action also, so you have to place a dummy action in the no branch. Like adding and deducting points.

Ah, will try and comment here! Thanks!

So I guess really there’s an “output” going immediately via the “no” and is “locked” by the “wait”. If for any reason the email is “open” the lead is “changed” from the “downstream-no” (even it left the decission box) up to the mail-read decission box again and down again over the other brnach? Does it really work like this?

I always thought that when a lead leaves any state down it does not roll-back up again.