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Cheap server for Mautic

Does anyone know a cheap hosting for Mautic?

Does anyone know a cheap hosting for Mautic?

I would suggest a VPS from Digital Ocean. The $10/mo level (1 core, 1GB RAM) should be enough for basic use, you can easily upgrade later.

Since it’s unmanaged, if you aren’t server savvy, I would suggest Server Pilot. This will auto-configure the server and manage security updates. With this setup you could have an install of Mautic up and running in 10 minutes.

Hello Sokoban,

i prefere Digital Ocean. Great Support-Team, good Price! If you take Digital Ocean, take Amsterdam, its better as U.S. Locations, your informantions are safer!

You can take the $5 offer too. I try it with serverpilot too.

But don’t thake Digital Ocean (with Serverpilot) if you don’t know about Server technology.

I used, great support, good performance but for $8,95. I don’t think, you find it cheap.

Good Luck!