Mautic hosting?

Does anyone out there do Mautic hosting for less than $20 per month?

I’m tired of dealing with all the technical issues on my cpanel host.

Are you gonna have max 1000 contacts and you have your own smtp?

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I can suggested this company Hosting Mautic, with support in Mautic - Webempresa

I hope this help.


We’re an agency so some mautic installations have more than others. I don’t want to keep track how many contacts my clients have.

I have Amazon SES set-up on all our Mautics, so we don’t need SMTP.

You should have started with that.

I just don’t see a good way to host 20.000 contacts with Mautic on a 20USD server, or even container with proper settings. Nor 50k or 100k.
You need to define that when you look for a provider.
Some providers will be cheap, and your customers will complaint about cronjobs, sending speed and other things.
Regarding Amazon SES: is this 1 account, or the client’s Amazon SES accounts?

I have an Amazon SES account set-up for sending on each of the domains we are responsible for.

I’ve been hosting these Mautics on $1 cpanel accounts with 1 vCPU and 2GB ram and things work well enough for us. The problem isn’t the resources of the hosting.

The issue is when we need to upgrade there’s always something that goes wrong and I waste a week dealing with it, sending support tickets to the hosting, etc. That’s the issue I’m looking to solve. I don’t want to deal with Mautic upgrades, PHP issues, anymore.

So, my goal is to find a host that understands how to set-up a server to run Mautic without problems.

I understand. I’m sure someone will chime in here.