Why I'm leaving Mautic

Mautic breaks absolutely every time I’ve run an upgrade over the year+ that I’ve had it installed. I think every break has been .htaccess related. The upcoming version 5 is uninstallable on shared hosting, because hosting companies can’t have composer available in a shared hosting environment. All this raises the cost of ownership, and the tech skills needed to keep it running.

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Hi @lancehaverkamp,
sorry to see you go. I know running Mautic can be challenging. From my experience, it should not run on simple webhosting - they all have their limitations. Be it RAM, cronjobs, not available libraries. I’m not sure if this is not rather an issue of webhosting limitations than of mautic demands.

However, you still have alternatives, that are worth it: Small virtual servers start at around 5€, add a server management panel like plesk (than its around 20€ in total). Much besser experience, way less issues than with limited webhosting.

Or go have a managed hosting instance, in our region it starts at about 40€ monthly with hosting and updates.

Or go SaaS with the partners here. Compared to self maintenance its a much better life.

Anyway, hope you find your way - hopefully with Mautic :wink:

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