Conditional Contact Import in Mautic


I have a CSV file with one of the columns ‘Source’ - which has values like a,b,c,d,e

Can we do conditional import in mautic that records with Source value as ‘a’ and ‘b’ shall ONLY be imported ? I am unable to find how can we add conditions while we import contacts.

Any clues ?

@mikew @joeyk - any hints pl ?

as far as I know this is not possible on import via the UI. It may be possible via API, the other way two ways around this is:

  1. Sort your file before you do the import. You can always write a small script for this OR
  2. Create segments and campaigns to take care of sorting and deleting unwanted records.
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oh ok…i thought if could have been able to write some conditions in UI itself.

not as far as I know

Thanks @mikew
Thanks @joeyk