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Contact fetching their own tags from web

My Mautic version is: 3.2.2

Hello all, I am trying to see if there’s a way for a visitor of my webpage to access their own tags. This way the user can view their own tags, and I can conditionally render content for them based on the tags that they have set on them.

I am trying to use this as an alternative to using Dynamic Web Content, as it is being difficult to use.

That would be nice but I don’t think it’s possible out of the box.

Right now contacts can only choose which segments they are a member of via a preference centre. And the preference centre feature is quite buggy currently. You could use segments to trigger actions that will add or remove tags as a work around?

I am using dynamic content with out issue. I think your easiest solution lies with getting to grips with dynamic content.

Hello Rob,

Thank you for the response. I have a dynamic web content system setup for my page. The user would fill out a form, and based on the form inputs, my campaign would add tags to the user. These tags would then be used to analyze the user in a second campaign that shows them their results from the form they filled out prior.

However, Mautic doesn’t seem to want to display the dynamic web content at all. I have tried logging out of Mautic, clearing cache and cookies, using incognito mode, and even tried going through the form campaign with other devices, but none of the dynamic web content that I have setup seems to display. I go to check the contact that is created after I fill the form out, and the tags are being placed correctly, so I am not sure why the DWC doesn’t want to display.

Perhaps there is something wrong with my flow? Currently it goes:

  1. User fills out the form and submits the form.
  2. On submit, Mautic creates the contact and my first campaign fires, adding the corresponding tags to
    the user based on the form.’
  3. Mautic also fires a second campaign that deals with the Dynamic Web Content, and is supposed to
    reveal the correct dynamic web content based on the tags Mautic just placed on the user.
  4. User is now on a results page, showing them the correct DWC based on the tags they now have.

I’m fairly new to Mautic, and so I’m not sure if having two campaigns is the correct way to handle this situation. Any help and guidance would be appreciated.

The issue may be that the new contact has moved through the campaign before the variable that needs to be true is updated. U may need to add in a delay or have the contact restart the campaign or have a jump action.

Have you tried using dynamic content outside of a campaign, ie DWC by filter?

Are using WordPress? Do you have the Mautic plugin installed and set up correctly and are u using the shortcode for the DWC?

Check this tutorial