Contact Field condition is broken in Mautic 2 & 3

When selecting a DATE field in a campaign’s Contact Field Value Condition, the expected result is that the comparison is made instantly.

This seems to work.

However, selecting ‘at a relative time period’ and set it to 3 days, does not work.

What’s explained in this video:, is simply not true.

According to this official Mautic video, this function SHOULD work as of Mautic 2.10.

It is not possible to wait for 3 days before or after (or whatever) the date field value. Selecting a date field and selecting the date operator + choosing for example +3 days does NOT work.


When selecting a TEXT field, and combine it with the ‘equals’ operator, it does not work as expected. It acts as a ‘containing’ operator.

For example the text string ‘Tuesday_Morning’ does NOT equal ‘Tuesday’. Still the condition sends you down the YES-path. As if the both are equal. Therefore equal comparisons will fail.

Automation is the heart of Marketing Automation. And an inportant part of automation is TIMING and taking actions when certain conditions apply.

Mautic 3 has a huge problem with these. So for now I will stop using Mautic 3. The issues I mentioned here are 100% show stoppers. It breaks the Marketing Automation process.

Hi there,

Did this work in Mautic 2 prior to updating to 3?

No, in Mautic 2.15 and up, it has not been working. So after testing it in Mautic 3.0.0, I saw that it still doesn’t work.

Ok, then I’ll move this out of the install/upgrade category so that it gets wider reach!