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How to use custom date AND time field for conditions in campaign?

Hi from germany,

from i know how to use custom date conditions in a campaign. If i use a custom “date only” field for my campaign, everything is working like described, but the same campaign does not work if i use a custom “date AND time”-field.

My goal is to use a “date AND time”-field for a campaign, so that i can realize a reminder for an automated webinar: Send a mail 3 hours, 1 hour and 15 minute bevor a the webinar starts.

For my campaign “Send a mail 1 hour bevor webinar starts”, i used “contact field” as condition, my custom date and time-field “webinar start”, “date” as operator, “custom” as value and “-1” “hour(s)”.

When the “webinar start” field contains “2018-06-19 10:00:00” for a contact, i thought my campaign will send out the mail shortly after “2018-06-19 09:00:00” when the cron job for the campaign was triggerd. But ist does not work, because the “date and time”-condition does not match.

Is there a way how to realize a campaign based reminder on a date AND time field, or is it not supported from mautic at the moment?

Hi Omer, thank you for your replay :slight_smile:

the problem with a “time”-only field is, that in a campaign the “date”-operator ist not available (i use the current mautic v2.13.1). It is only available for a “date” and a “date and time” field :frowning:

My next idea was to use a segment, where i use something like “webinar-time” “greater than or equal” than “now”.
In i’ve seen that we can use “today” als filter, so i just tried it with “now”. After saving the segment, mautic replaced “now” with the current date and time. But this will also not work for my webinar reminder process, because i need a segment filter with always the current date & time. After the cron job updated the segments, the filter in the segment stayed at the time where i saved the segment the first time.
Also when i create a new custom “only time” field, mautic does not save the option “Available for segments”, so i’am also not able to use this field within a segment.

For my case i can not use fixed webinar dates, because we use an automated/simulated webinar solution within our wordpress, which sends the participant-date to mautic using a mautic-form. This way each webinar attendend gets his own webinar start time. So we have more than 10 different webinar start dates per day.

I have a solution to send the webinar reminder without mautic, but it would be very nice, if i also could use mautic for this.

Thank for this idea, but for testing my campaign, i created the contacts direktly in mautic and also set the date/time field manual direct in mautic.

For me it would be very interesting if someone here in the forum already used the “date & time” field with “date” operator successfully in a campaign. I mean not only with “date-only” field like described in ? So i would know if i’am doing something wrong, or if the way i want to use it in mautic is not net supported.

I try to accomplish the same thing I grab the evergreen time and try to set up a campaign like this using the date/time field to trigger a SMS 5 minutes before event starts but it doesn’t work.
How can we make this work?

Probably it works only with date. I have got this same issue with my webinars. I tried send sms a hour before start. But only field working in campaigns is “date”, no “date/time”. May problem is with ours “default” time and date configuration. I think so.

I think that should be easy to fix. But I don’t know how.