Contact Individual Field View Permission

Your software
My Mautic version is: 2.15.2
My PHP version is: 7

Your problem
My problem is: Can we set permission (ACL) on contact individual details which has been created by a primary user but are visible by another user.

Expected Steps:

Primary user uploaded/create a contact on Mautic. Provided personal details for contact such as phone number, email.

Primary user gives access to secondary user to view contact.

Secondary user logs and views the contact but hide the details which are marked as hidden.

You can create roles and set owner to each contact. This should works as you expect

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Thanks for the response. I tried the following already:

  1. Create a primary user who creates a contact and is the owner
  2. Create a ROLE in which contact ACL is Can View Own , Can View Others
  3. Create a secondary user who has the above role (#2)
  4. Login to secondary user select contacts tab I can see the contact and only view it
    but I can hide contact personal details such as email and other options. The user is able to see all of its details.

Can this be configured or maybe create some kind of filter

Just plugin and new menu section witch contacts list


Thanks for the help. Its seems to be the option while going through the developer docs.

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