What permission is needed?

I would like my users to see their own companies (And not just contacts) inside Mautic.

What role do I need to enable in order to show the owned company without having to show all the contacts to the single user? I can do that with single contacts, but I cannot find the option to do it with companies…

Settings - Roles - (Select the user type you want to modify) Contact Permissions -

Thank you @EJL :slight_smile:
that’s exactly what I did. However, even if the user has 2 companies assigned, he dowsn’t see them.

Plus, if I click on the company name from the contact, it returns a forbidden error (even if, again, the user is assigned to that company). Plus, in this user’s sidebar menu, I don’t see the Companies voice. It’s weird :no_mouth:

I too am having this same issue on the latest version. If it is something that can be addressed reasonably soon I will help with that, otherwise I will need to write a new plugin to deal with this. Thanks.