Contact list name showing wrong information

Not sure I get what you mean there

so I’ve exported the form results in csv format.
Now I will import again into the contacts, hopefully doing this right

Mautic will do it right, if you do it right :smiley:

well that is why I asked in the first place. Because I’m not sure what is the right way to do it.
As mentioned I’ve exported the form results in csv format.

Now I’m attempting to import it back within contacts, shall I select anything here?

Import within browser or background? I recall Mautic had issues with this somehow.

Well you need to assign the csv fields to your database.
If it’s under 1000, you can import in browser.
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Sorry for advertisement, but I can’t cover everything in Forums as support.

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I will publish the solution then when I manage to sort this out. Thank you.

What do you mean by solution?
You mean how the import works?

I’m trying to find out why the field got disconnected, and whether the importing actually works, because Mautic has a lot of bugs and I’m trying to help the community as much as you do.

Okay. Any help is welcome.
If you see a bug, plz report under Issues · mautic/mautic · GitHub with steps to reproduce.
If you want to add to the knowledgebase you can do it under
BTW I don’t have any issues with import on Mautic 4.4.3-4.4.5

Is there any way that a form field could disconnect by itself?

If you delete a field and add a new one.
Sometimes between upgrades this happen.
Same with segments. Sometimes segment filters also reset between upgrades.

yeah that’s what I thought, because I haven’t touched anything and fields got disconnected again, so without upgrades or anyone actually disconnecting it, there is no way.

Can I find out if someone else did it from the logs?