Email Issue: "From Name" field doesn't show up on received emails

Your software Digital Ocean Droplet Apache2/ubuntu 20.04
My PHP version is : 7.3
My MySQL/MariaDB version is (delete as applicable): MariaDB version 5.7
Mautic version: 3.2

Your problem
My problem is: When sending emails the “From Name” field does not show up on the emails received on the client side, Outlook mail client/ iphone mail/ Gmail web. Instead it only shows the “from email” part.

These errors are showing in the log: No errors

Steps I have tried to fix the problem: I tried sending emails from segments, single contact and also changing the name in the settings. I tried a separate email app (sendy) with the same API and that works fine. Also googled and searched the forums for the issue. Plus I thought about editing php directly as a last resort, but couldn’t find any references.

Single Contact works for me on 3.3.1 But I also noticed the same error on one of the instances. The name just wouldn’t display.

It works on an upgraded 3.3.1 instance, but doesn’t work on my 3.3.1 fresh install.

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Mine is upgraded. I will try on my older test version and see how that works out!

Edit: Just checked on the 3.2.1 dev version and it’ the same issue…

Actually I just tested it on our dev version which is fresh ish and it works. So what could be an issue?

Edit: I updated the dev version 3.2.1 to 3.3.2 and the From Name stopped showing up on emails again. So must be something in the update

I opened up an issue on github and added more info if anyones interested


Added more info & email header from spool & bump

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