Continue campaign only if contact does not contain tag

I’m trying to create a campaign where I first welcome a user with a welcome email.

Then, 14 days after I want to send them another email, but ONLY if they DO NOT contain a specific tag.

I figured out how to only run an action if the contact DOES contain a tag by using the “Contact tags” condition:

But this dialog does not have an option to set “Does not” contain tag.

I noticed that there’s another condition called “Contact Field Value”. In this condition I see there’s an option to select “Tags” from the dropdown, and a list of operators to select from, I see it has a “Contains” option… but no “Does Not Contain” option…

I do see there’s a “not like” option, would that suffice? This doesn’t seem like the optimal type of filtering since each of my contacts will have multiple tags on them. I’m also not sure if “not like” would have the same effect as “not contains” in this context…because there are both “like” and “contains” operators so I’m not sure whats going on here… I just want to continue the campaign sequence if the contact DOES NOT have a particular tag…how do I go about doing this the most efficient way?

When you have a condition on a tag, or any condition for that matter you get the following box:

This box has a positive (green) and a negative (red) path, so if the condition is contains tag X, and you only want people that do not have tag X, use the red path and you are good to go


Wow, thank you for that, I had no idea about red vs green paths…

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