Converting anonymous user with non mastic form data

I am trying to convert anymore users using third party, non Maurice forms. Can anyone guide me how to do that. We tried with it address but we think that it is not going to identify the exact user as organisations may have 1000+ users using the same up address and would see all their data

Things we know
Anonymous user with ip
Contact that fils in the form with ip

How do we merge the data so we can track the new known person and start engaging with them?

This is not a feature Mautic offers as a default. You will not get an email from a person’s IP.
Try to show engaging content and convince them to fill out a form so they identify themselves.

Thanks Joey, agree and for us getting the email is easy, but we are using our forms not Mautic. So what we need to do is convert the anonymous user that we have tracked into a known user via API as they are filling out our form.

How do we connect the two?

Before you add the data via API, make sure to fire the Mautic tracking image.

This way the anon contact will be merged with the newly acquired email information.
Otherwise you’ll have this issue:

If you use Mautic forms, its all automatic.

Thank you so much, we will try this.