Could not resolve SES Amazon host occuring more often now days

We been using SES Amazon host for our email gateway for several years now. We use a different email market application in the past before we switched over to Mautic.

On our previous email application, once a while we would get a host not resolved error on SES Amazon and we know just to give a few minute then it would work again.

When we switched over to Mautic, the “host not resolved” seems to be occurring more often now days than it did on previous email market application. But this morning between 5am to 7am for two hours, we received hundred of email from cron job “Could not resolve host:” and it seems to be back to normal again.

We were just wondering if anyone experienced similar issue with SES Amazon API or is it just us and something in our setting causing this host not resolvable to pop up once a while more seems to pop up more frequency for past 2 months and this morning for a total of 2 hours.