Create a folder system to organize emails, segment etc by campaign

it could be nice to have the possibility to create folder to organize emails, LP, forms, segments etc…
The it will be quicker to find it when we have a lots of pages.

This would be a great feature. The emails dashboard gets a bit out of control when you have multiple campaigns running.

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I just want to launch the idea to have the function of folders in forms, campaigns and emails. When having a lot, it is getting too much and being able to group one campaign in one folder will give a better overview.



I just want to launch the idea to have the function of folders in forms, campaigns and emails. When having a lot, it is getting too much and being able to group one campaign in one folder will give a better overview.

My idea is:
Create a hierarchy for Emails tab in Mautic. Not really my idea as it has been written about quite a lot.

I think these groups of people would benefit from this idea: People running high amount of campaigns, and probably the entire community

Why I think they would benefit from this idea: Even with Categories it gets a little hectic inside emails when you have over 50-500 emails there…

Any code or resources to support this idea:

Are you willing to work on this idea?: I wish!! If I had the ability I would do it.

What skills and resources do you need to explore this further? Someone that knows Mautic Development.

Maybe a developer out there could quote on such a thing and we could do a crowdfund from the community to support it.

So if anyone wants to give an estimate of the effort involved and costs I am happy to contribute and we can see if anyone else is in for a few dollars

Hi Mike,

This sounds remarkably like it fits in with the Resource Management Initiative that we are kicking off.

My vision for this was twofold - one to allow exporting of resources like campaigns, and two to look at better management of resources along the lines of what is discussed in the Archive old emails feature request, but I don’t see why it couldn’t be expanded to include some kind of hierarchy.

Here’s the Doodle poll for the initiative, do join if you’re able, and the Slack channel is #i-resource-management.

Hi Mike,

Quick update for you, we have some folks who are looking at starting work on this. We will be coordinating it in the #i-resource-management channel. They will be sharing some wireframes and a proposal for how it will move forward.

If you’d like to be involved in this do please join the slack channel!

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Hi folks!

I have merged several related topics into one so that we can centralise discussions.

The Resource Management Initiative has this as one of the aims, to implement a Mautic-wide system for organising resources - a foldering system, if you will.

Deeper have started working this up into some wireframes and we had a meeting where they presented their thoughts. You can find the meeting notes, recording and wireframes here: You can jump directly to the wireframes here.

The team at Deeper are understandably keen to get going on this, so if you have any thoughts/input to contribute you can do so in the Slack channel #i-resource-management and/or add comments directly on the wireframes in Miro. If you are not yet on Slack, get an invite at

My thoughts are as follows:

  • We should have the ability to enable this as a beta feature rather than add a toggle (I feel the proposed toggle is a bit clunky!), see my feature suggestion here.
  • The most common way that things are grouped by users of Mautic (at least in my experience / from what I have heard) is by campaign, so this should probably be what we use
  • I think that the folder should be created in one place and available everywhere in Mautic, so you can add resources from anywhere in Mautic. This makes it super easy to find and organise everything to do with a specific campaign, and also could help us when it comes to exporting all resources by campaign for example
  • As a user, I would want to be able to view the folders in a list view, rather than large icons/thumbnails taking up a lot of space but others might prefer that, so an option to switch layout would be a nice to have. Also to be able to order by name, date created/updated, resource type, etc.
  • There should be a clear way (icon probably) to quickly differentiate different resources in a folder.
  • Maybe we should drop people into the create a campaign step as part of an onboarding tutorial?
  • I think we may need to rename Campaigns to something like Workflow or Journey Builder to avoid confusion.

Please feel free to add any thoughts you might have, and do join us on Slack if you’d like to be involved!


My idea is:

Add the ability to organise emails and campaigns into folders. This would benefit anyone who creates high volume of emails and campaigns.

It is currently difficult to locate specific emails / campaigns.

Hi @plato39

Please take a look at this existing feature request which is already in progress:

We have the user interface design work complete for this, we just need to find or fund developers to work on it to implement the feature.

Thanks for the update. I’m surprised there aren’t more votes for this feature.

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