Creating an Email Preferences Landing Page?

Hello all

I am wondering how to give subscribers access to an email preferences landing page - instead of only having the option to unsubscribe at the footer of each mailout.

I have tried to make a landing page like this and put it in an iframe on a 3rd party site (with the mautic JS loading in the header) but it doesn’t work.

I am guessing this functionality must exist. Maybe I should be using a form instead?

Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you.

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Hi @plato39,

To create a preference center, you can follow the information available in the Mautic Docs. The relevant tokens can be found here.

How to create an email preference page:

  1. Create a landing page: Name it “Preference Center” for example.
  2. Set as preference center page: In the landing page settings, activate the “Set as preference center page” option.
  3. Choose and edit a template: Select a landing page template and customize it. Edit the text and add the desired variables.
  4. Save and preview: Save the page and preview it. You should see the preferences page with the included variables.

Hope this information helps you!
Best regards,

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Hi @ricfreire

Thanks for your advice. I am actually already doing this - but what I am trying to achieve is to have the preferences page exist on a webpage, so that a subscriber can be logged into the website and visit the page to adjust their newletter subscription preferences.

I have managed to make it work with an embedded mautic form where the email address is added in a hidden field via an email placeholder value (provided by the 3rd party website). But with this all the user can do is either subscribe or unsubscribe to everything - with the form passing a boolean value to a custom field - then triggering a campaign to enable or disable the email channel.

I guess I could create custom fields for subscription status for each segment and use the above technique - but this feels like the wrong way to go about this, especially since I know that Mautic provides a preference page for this. It seems the preference page can only be accessed from mailout unsubscribe links.