Custom field type "Number (Increment)" to sum up field value (i.e dollars spent)

Description :

If a user submits a form that has a field called, let’s say “Amount”, and then, later, submits the same form again, it would be really useful for marketing purpose, or as lead handover to sales, to be able to know the cumulative value passed in the field “Amount”.


We can imagine a custom field whose type is “Number (Increment)” (in complement of "Number)

Let’s consider the custom field of type “Number (Increment)” named “Cumulative amount payed”.

If the first form submitted has a field for “Amount”: 5000$, then the contact’s custom field “Cumulative Amount Payed ($)” is initiated with 5000.

When the user submits this form a second time the same form with “Amount”: 45000$
Then “Cumulative Amount Payed ($)” becomes 45000,
And so on…

Then an email can be sent to our sales that includes the custom field :

{leadfield:Cumulative Amount Payed ($)}

I have seen other systems with this mechanism. It can be useful for many purposes, in complement with “Points”. Just to tell a different side of the user’s story

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