Custom field incremental values

Hy folks,
I had a little problem. I have to increase the value of a custom field, it is the age of the contacts (number field) that must be updated every year. Has anyone found a way to do it quickly?
Thanks a lot


I would also loved to see this feature.

Yes me too, this could be a great feature.

Ok after some work I found a little workaround that should work. It takes some work. I describe it step by step.

  1. Create a segment 1 that contains all the contacts that interest us
  2. Create a segment 2 with filter on tag: change_date
  3. Create a campaign that takes the contacts from segment 1 and adds the change_date tag. So after an interval of time that interests us (in my case 365 days) it starts again from the beginning
  4. Create a campaign that takes the contacts of segment 2, modify the value of the field increasing it (simply with the conditions “if the field is equal to x” it overwrites it with y and so on … boring … I know). Then remove the change_date tag
    What do you think? Something less bizarre?