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I am looking for someone that can help me get my head around these custom objects. They seem super powerful and I am pretty able to create scenarios by building my own table with relationships of one to many.

SO an example that I am trying to see how I set up in Custom Objects is the following (and I am also lost on Master and Child).

Lets say I have a contact. This contact can be part of multiple verticals, for example he can be interested in soccer, tennis and golf. We have identiified the contact from the sites they have shopped at (so this we will call data source) for example if he shopped at or or

In MySQL I would go about building out the following tables:
leads table:
email (unique)

vertical_names table:

verticals table:

datasource_name table:

datasource table:

So in the above example I have the flexibility to grow both my verticals and datasources, and a user can be associated with many verticals and many datasources.

How do I go about building this using Custom Obecjtect ? And what is the “Name” used for.

Looking forward to someone helping out here :smiley:



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Before you go deeper:
If you have 4 custom objects:

soccer - ball - 10.00
tennis - net - 300.00
golf - ball - 20
golf - cart - 20.000.00

Now if you make a segment and try to filter for anyone who purchased a golf ball, you won’t be able to.
You will be only able to search for people who purchased a “ball” or purchased anything in the “golf” category. Not both.

Just heads up.

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Thanks for that @joeyk .

I would still like to understand how exactly I go about setting up my example above if anyone can take me through a walk through of the best way to do this.

Our main objective currently is getting the setup correct, after this we will then be able to use either our own BI to visualize segments and maybe not use them, or maybe there is a way to use SQLConditions with custom objects inside a campaign.

But initially my goal is to get the basic understanding of how to best structure things.

Only option to find clients who buy ball is changing custom objects and searching with REGEX for name values.

Form example we could make ojects with names like:

Of course you can also use extra any details in another fields.

But I know that this is weird.

@joeyk one more question, because I see that you handle with this plugin. How you link to custom objects? In my instance it wors only when I do it manual in contact card. List of custom objects to link in campaign editor is always empty.

For now only with import :frowning:


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