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My Mautic version is: 3
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It’s very basic. I’m trying to create a campaign that has a decision based on the date_added field of a contact. I know the field is there, as I can make it appear in the E-Mail I’m sending. Is there a way to integrate this field to the campaign?

Here are the fields I’m able to select:

Thanks for the help!

What keeps driving me nuts is a further test I did. Now it is getting really interesting.

I added a custom field date_added. I want to be able to select that field in the automation. Funny thing is, Mautic created a new alias named date_added1. Which makes perfectly sense as the date_added field already exists! But then again why can’t I select it from the list?

If you need some more information or any open questions I’ll be happy to clarify things for anybody. :slight_smile:

Thank you

If the field is turned on (published), then it should appear.
When you open custom fields, does it look like it’s published (the switch is green)?

I do not have that field there. Is there a possibility to make it appear or see its configuration inside of the mautic? It should be the field that contains

this value (and it actually does, as it is usable in e-mail templates). But it’s not alterable or viewable anywhere else.

We are talking about “Benutzerdefinierte Felder” under Settings (Zahrad) on the right side.
Do you see the field there?

Also plz check this part of the settings specific to this custom field:


I never did add it to the custom fields (Benutzerdefinierte Felder). But just as the other fields in that list I’m able to use it in an email using the notation


this is why I assumed it had to be a contact field. But in the campaign builder the field is not available (none of the 3 fields from the screenshot actually are).

Maybe I confused you already because I’ve been searching for a solution for to long, this should be the original question:
«When a contact is added, the timestamp is written into a contact field. How may I use this timestamp in a campaign?»

Oh okay, sorry now I get it.

This is a core field you wanna use :slight_smile:

I could only find Last Active date. It’s possible, that it’s not in there. Have to ask for feature request or code it yourself.

This is odd.

I will search for a solution and answer it on this topic then.

I think most poeple manage this setting in the segment filter already. It is available there.

I specifically want to use the date to thank them for their “anniversary” within mautic.

If I understand it correctly I could solve the issue with two campaigns then. one (A) trying to add the contact daily to the other (B) and in B only letting contacts in who have anniversary?


I say B. Only have them in the segment for 1 day when u send the thank u letter.