Date operator missing Campaign builder


Firstly it took me 30 minutes to figure out how to post on here , so frustrating. Had to even google!

Anyway, Running fresh install of Mautic 5 for first time. I want to do this:

Create form with a date field - done
Use date field as a condition to send email reminders.

I created a campaign , selected the form, condition, form field, but from googling there is supposed to be a date operator, all i have is greater less then etc.

I want to send emails on relative dates, like Datevalue -3 days, and Datevalue + 3 days. (before and after an event) based on form date not contact field date.
Why? because a contact can submitted multiple forms with different dates.

How to achieve that?



Googling is good.
Mautic 5 is not production ready.
You don’t filter these infos in Campaign, but in segment.

Keep googling. You’ll find amazing guides.

But segments are for contacts not form data as far i see. I want to use Contact Sources > Campaign Forms. Select Condition > Form field value > date field. But the Date operator is missing.

I realized too late that v5 is a RC felt buggy and i didn’t know why. Will downgrade.

Spent too much time on this

Following this guide and others Conditions | Mautic
Date operate missing, i reinstalled v4


ok its there for Contact fields, not Form Fields.

ok its there for Contact fields, not Form Fields. So i don’t know how to send email x days before or after an “event date” submitted in a form…

I understand mapping form field to custom contact field and creating a segment. Got it.

But each user can submit the form multiple times, so the custom form field will just get over written.

That’s why i was hoping to use the date field from the form submission itself but no go :frowning:

If you have 5 form entries, how would you make a distinction?
If you anyway use the last one, you can just save it in a custom field.

Good point! But i suppose i can have a previous condition :
“Event date is in the future or X days in the past” To eliminate the old ones.

I was hoping to let people submit events, and we follow up before and after with emails offering our media and pr services.

Anyway, i will use the contact custom field for now which works. Most only submit one event.

thanks for your time.