Deliverability Issues + Cron Jobs Chaning Themselves

My Mautic version is: 4.4.6
My PHP version is:
My Database type and version is: PostgreSQL

My problem is:
Yeah, so my cron jobs are changing themselves apparently and while this isn’t a big issue because it’s still working ok, my deliverability is a big problem.

I’m using Amazon SES as SMTP and I have production access with 50,000 emails per day and yes, I tested the server and it said “Successful” . I tried sending a campaign of 6000 emails, 500 emails per 25 minutes , it’s still sending as we speak, it appears they were all sent, when I check on Amazon SES 2000 were sent to this moment, it will go to 6000, but the BIG PROBLEM is this:

2000 sent until now, keep that in mind:

Until now 1046 were not delivered? When I click on any of them it says something like “the recipient wasn’t found at XYZ address” or “user not found”

But I verified all of the emails with a software before, I even verified some from that list of spam I see now with the same software and 3 more online verifiers and they say they are valid.

I can’t see the problem here. Can somebody help me please?

And these are my cron jobs (after they changed themselves) , these were the same when I started the campaign.

I don’t know if it has anything to do with the deliverability. I also tested sending normal emails to 4 of my test emails and they all landed in inbox good.

I don’t know what’s the problem here

It seems like they also put my account under review because the bounce rate was 9.86%

Hi, out of curiosity I checked 2 emails on your list. The were both catch-all, which means super low quality. Did these people subscribe to you? Always start with subscribers. The subject line is a bit spammy too.

Your cron has nothing to do with it.

Another question: did you set up feedback loops? (Simple Notification Service)

Hi joeyk, I haven’t set up feedback loops, and yes, I got the list from elsewhere, not really subscribers, but verified them with a software. Apparently the software wasn’t good?

Do you know any solution for this? A good verifier or something…

Feedback loop
If you haven’t set up feedback loop, that is a real problem, because even if you get out of review Amazon won’t be happy if you mail these people once again.

Luckly you have the feedback emails from Amazon. Your best next step is to create a list from all the addresses and unsubscribe them in Mautic.

Amazon SES API feedback loop set up
This is your guide. Make sure you scroll down to read the API feedback loop.

Use this URL:

As of verifiers:
I usually recommend Email Oversight or Zerobounce. There are many other good ones, I just truest and use these two.
Verification software you download and install on your PC are usually beyond crap, they don’t really verify, just check if the MX records are available. They don’t use complainer DB, don’t sniff out catch-all or role based addresses. They are useless.

Thank you so much, joeyk.

I successfully managed to set up the feedback loop.

For verifiers, I think I’m kind of stuck right now though, since I won’t be able to pay that price to verify the emails. I will search for a free solution if there is one.

Okay, here is the thing:

Your biggest problem is now to get out of review by Amazon. If you are lucky, you can send good content to SUPER CLEAN lists and water down all the bounces you had in the first run.
A little math here: you send 2500 emails, bounce rate was 9%. You need to push down bounce rate under 5% asap, but aim for 3%.
It means, you need to send +6000 super clean emails to have a bounce rate of 3% (8500 * 0.03 / 250, which is your bounces now.)

If you don’t do it, and keep sending low quality stuff, you’ll be suspended. And it is really hard to get back to Amazon, they won’t let you mail again with your email/phone/creditcard/domain, etc.

If you want to do the ‘free way’, then you should sparate your openers right now, and send them content every day, until you reach a better bounce rate. Keep your eye on the complaint rate!

There are no free verifiers for the reason how verifiers work:

  1. They use a wide range of IP to do the verification. They simulate SMTP connection which is throttled, so they need a many IPs to do this efficiently.
  2. Thay maintain a super high quality reputation on their lists. This is really expensive.
  3. They maintain an infrastructure that is able to process large lists, huge databases
  4. They are in touch with large marketers and affiliate networks online no-mail lists to make sure frequent complainers are filtered out
  5. They have access to spamtrap databases and maintain a fresh list of them

It is not a ‘software’, it’s a mixture of experties, connections in the industry and clever methods to scale it.

They create real value in comparison to free / nulled / self installed solutions. This real value translates to possibility to clean downloaded / acquired / stolen lists. There is no such a thing as free lunch. After mailing to 2-3 spamtraps in a database of 10.000 you’ll be suspended by Amazon.

Understood. Thank you for the explanation.