Disable tracking links on emails

Mautic 2.16.1
Php 7.2

Hi guys.

How may I disable the tracking link in email?

Send a pure link without that trackin hash.

@leonardoborlot did you find a way to disable the link tracking?


Maybe this?
Configuration > Email settings > Message settings


Could you plz check? Thx.


Yes, it works on the 2.16.3 version. Thanks Nice!!

Thank you @joeyk! I missed this option in the settings.

That works well on Mautic 3.0.2 as well.

I am a dedicated service for link tracking and the additional redirect was not necessary.

Word of Caution - Delete OLD TEXT MESSAGE TEMPLATE if you did not have Disable Tracking URL Turned off under email Settings. Let me be a bit more clear on this… I clicked yes too “Disable Trackable Urls” and Saved. After this, I sent an SMS to my Text Message Template. The problem is - if you had Disable Trackable Urls set too NO when you made the template, it will not work!! Therefore, if you want too do this, you need to Delete old Text Message Templates - Then you need to Turn Off Disable Trackable Urls, Make new Text message templates and then it will work… Would love too see an option on this in the future so we dont have too do this workaround as I like tracking in my emails…

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