Tracking issues

My Mautic version is:
Server info: Linux vps0301 4.4.0-165-generic #193-Ubuntu SMP Tue Sep 17 17:42:52 UTC 2019 x86_64
My PHP version is: PHP Version

My problem is: I’m having multiple tracking issues with emails.

  • If I set ‘disable trackable urls’ in configuration > email settings > disable tracking urls to ‘No’, all my links in my emails will go to my homepage-URL. If I set it to ‘Yes’, my links work.

  • Email opens aren’t being tracked. I’ve already used a different browser, but it’s not working. Therefor my campaign ‘decisions’ aren’t working.

I’m willing to pay for a freelancer to help on this job.

  • Is your “Append tracking pixel into email body” enabled? This will fix your issue of Email opens aren’t being tracked.
  • With regard to setting ‘disable trackable urls’, this might be a problem with the actual links in the email body. Did you check the link entries themselves? Although, if set to Yes, links work properly needs more investigation. Let me know.
  • What is your Mautic version? (not your Linux)

Which email engine do you use?

@dirk-ao please can you add your Mautic version?

We aren’t hosting ourselves and the version is 2.15.1-dev. I’ve already told the host to upgrade, so I’m still waiting on that to happen.

We are using Mandrill as our engine.