Mautic open tracking issue

Can anyone tell me how to disable open tracking when sending emails from Mautic. Thank you

Hi Tarik

Configuration → E-Mail Settings → Message Settings

Append tracking pixel into email body

Maybe also:
Disable trackable urls

If you don’t want Mautic to track any link in your email

@sfahrenkrog1 Bro, as you know unsubscribe link has to be in email, there’s no choice there

No, you don’t disable unsubscribe with that setting.

Disable trackable urls

This does not disable the unsubscribe link. It only disable that every link in the email is rewritten und redirected to mautic.

Unsubscribe link keeps working

I know, its just that you misunderstood. The unsubscribe link its causing me lots of delivery problems. Without it I get 10/10 in mail-tester but with it 5,8.