Disastrous first "Emails" and "Forms"

Your software
My PHP version is : 7.2.32
My Mautic version is : 3.0.2

Updating/Installing Errors
I am : Installed 3.0.2
Upgrading/installing via : cPanel & Web

The install itself seemed fine

Your problem
My problem is : Despite spending a lot of time making sure I understood how Mautic works my first basic email with a form for an existing list (imported) is a bit of a disaster and I need help undoing the problems.

Wrong Sender : (Bug?) my clients received the email as the admin account and not what was stated in the advanced settings of channels/emails/edit/advanced, the test email uses these settings correctly but when you send the actual email to the list it did not - this caused a lot of confusion with my clients with many DNCs as they did not recognize the admin account.
Question how do I undo DNCs?
Question this seems to be a bug, how to report that?
(btw never could get the UTM tags from the email to work either but this is for another day)

Bounce not working : this was a very painful thing to setup, despite following all the instructions it didn’t work, yes it was configured in Mautic, yes the cron jobs were setup, yes there was a dedicated email address
resolution: it was the plus addressing that causes multiple hidden/subscribe folders instead of one root mail folder on the bounce email address, this was a setting in WHM & cPanel to not create separate folders for plus addressing but one folder (seriously painful to fix) recommend: this is added to the bounce guide to ensure the mailbox handles plus addressing in one folder as Mautic is not reading these subfolders it wants one folder.

exceed email per hour limit : I was not aware my new hosting company has such a limit for email sent via php mail, this created 2 problems for me:
some mails never sent the first 500 emails sent which was the limit, then it allowed another 125 till it got to a hard limit of 625, the next 250 emails had a mail server message that I exceeded the hard limit, the remaining emails no idea. Question any advice how I can figure out who got it and who didn’t?
the 250 mail server limit message looks like DNC these mails were effectively bounced by the outgoing mail server, but something unexpected happened, the mail cron job identified these and flagged all of them including a few actual bounces all as DNC and not bounced (Bug?). The segment I configured per the instructions to handle bounced runs per the cron job but does not pick this up. But this gets weirder, the “contact” list shows these as DNC but if you run a segment they are not picked up (only the DNC’s via the unsubscribe is picked up). On further investigation the channels/email/dashboard shows these as “Email failed” and not bounced, and does not show the few actual bounces either.
Question how do I undo a DNC flag that is not a DNC but an email failed
Question why is the bounce not working as expected

Steps I have tried to fix the problem :

  1. I can trap the unsubscribe DNCs in a segment but not the email Is failed, but not sure how this can help me undo the flag DNC (there is 14 of them so could do it manually but how?)
  2. I can trap the Is failed (that include a few actual bounces) in a report, but again not sure how this can help me undo the weird DNC flag that is not an unsubscribe (more than 200 would prefer some update solution)
  3. I don’t know what’s wrong with bounce and its cron job
  4. I don’t know what’s wrong with email that it ignores advance settings for name/email override
  5. I have no idea how to spot the emails that never went out, hoping somebody knows of a log or something

The upside is the form part worked nicely, people were able to interact and it was successfully added to a segment on submit.

ugh, wished I’d found this information sooner: https://mautic.com/help/mailer-is-owner/
If you use the mailer is owner this overrides anything set in the channels/email/edit/advanced settings - if this feature is set in settings/configuration/email it should have grayed out the advanced settings of channels/email/edit and the test email should have used the config setup and not these. This is such a confusing UI/UX experience.

Unsetting DNC:

Open the contact


Go to preferences


Add the channel again


Yes, everyone knows it’s not intuitive. No need to mention :slight_smile:

If you need to mass-update the DNC,

  1. create a segment where everyone is a DNC
  2. create a campaign, where the above created segment is a source
  3. first action in the campaing should be ‘remove DNC’
  4. let the campaign run

Once it’s run, you can just disable/delete it.