DNC and Segments

Hello folks,

I have a general question regarding the DNC tag on Mautic. We start tracking unsubscribes and bounced emails with webhooks recently to improve domain reputation and clean up the Mautic contact database.

My question is simple, DNC contacts seem to continue to be included in the segments, ie not automatically excluded after bounce and segment update task. I assume that Mautic will NOT send emails to these contacts anyway, right? Will this be reflected in the campaign metrics? That is, in the metrics of “pending” “sent” “opened”, etc.

I have created a segment called “Bounced Emails”, is it good or is it unnecessary? Should I add a filter for existing campaigns to exclude contacts in this “Bounced Emails” segment?

I appreciate the clarification, I was reading documentation and searching the internet before consulting, but I have not found the answer.



The DNC refers to a channel, which can be Email or SMS as default. When someone has the DNC tag, then that is valid for a specific channel.
Maybe someone doesn’t want to get SMS from you, but they are okay with EMAIL.

Just because someone is DNC, doesn’t exclude them from a segment membership. Segments can start campaigns, and because of this you might need to include all kind of contacts in a segment. Event contacts who unsubscribed (you can still do lead scoring to them and reach out to them via focus groups, aka popups), or unknown visitors, who doesn’t even have an email registered in the system.

When you about to send an email, you’ll see the number of segment members shown next to your email as pending. Once the email is sent, you’ll see the real number of sent emails, the bounces and unsubs are automatically deducted. In your campaign stats you also see the results based on sent emails.

If numbesrs are important to you and you have a lot of unsubscribes and bounces, I think it’s useful to create an unsubscribe segment, and exclude them from your emailing segments.

One more info: if a person is in multiple segments, and all of those segments are used for the same email broadcast, then the person will get the email only once.

Hi Joey,

Thanks for your reply and all the information. Understood. Is there any way to select a “negative segment” for a campaign, I mean, for example, send an email to SEGMENT_A, but exclude SEGMENT_BOUNCED.

I’m digging on the campaign builder but cannot find these options, seems you can add multiple segments for a campaign.

In the same direction, is it possible to “join” segments? I mean, send a campaign to contacts who belong to SEGMENT_A ((AND)) SEGMENT_B, only contacts that are in both segments?


I think the ay you could do that is with segments rather than the campaign builder.

For example create a segment of contacts that requires them to be a member of segment A but only if they are not a member of segment bounced, and then use that segment to start the campaign.

U could also just add a filter to all your email channel segments of excluding them from the segment if they are member of segment bounced.

U could join segments in the same way, create a 3rd that is the combo of both and then use the 3rd segment to run a campaign.