“Do Not Contact” = Unsubscribed email?

My software
My Mautic version is: 2.15.1
My PHP version is: 7.1

My question is: People that were manually updated in a segment with the “Do Not Contact” option does that also disqualify those people for future campaign emails etc? in other words does Do Not Contact count as Unsubscribed email, so they will never receive an email again.
I know this is a noob question but could not really find in the manuals.

My understanding that this is the case. If they are flagged with DNC, they will not receive any further emails from that Mautic instance.

Hi Mike,

I have tested this last nigth and it is working as I expected, Do Not Contact excludes them from future mailings.
There is 1 thing to be aware of though:
Let’s say you have a segment with 4 contacts and 1 of them is a Do Not Contact lead.

If you create a campaign email and send it to this segment you will see that is was sent to 4 people when you check the stats on campaign level but on the Channels -> Email level you will see that is was sent to 3 persons (which is correct). So if you want to see the real stats of that campaign (1 open is 33% and not 25%) you will have to go to the Email to check it.