Newbie question re: unsubscribed contact

If a contact unsubscribes using the general {unsubscribe_url} link, the do not contact property for that person is system wide.


However if at a later date, the contact fills in another mautic form, would they become unflagged?


can you test this scenario on your instance and share your findings here. Since you have option to re-subscriber I would guess contact would not get un-flaged but I could be wrong. The only way to be sure is to test it.

Thank you, I just tested … and received the emailed registration confirmation from a live webform, inspite of the Do Not Contact:EMAIL

I suppose the Mautic logic is that Do Not Contact:EMAIL is meant to be a condition of campaigns and/or segments to NOT contact but is not an automatic configuration.

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Transactional email disregards dnc. Test with marketing email in a campaign.

Thanks Joey!

Other questions come to mind.

  1. Is a newsletter campaign considered transactional or marketing?

  2. How does DNC work with the publicly available segments via Preference Center? Once DNC-ed, you can’t choose another segment?

  3. Do the publicy available segments need to be static for it to work with the Preference Center? For example, a contact can’t choose to included in a tag-generated segment from the preference center?

Thanks again.

Newsletter (segment email) is marketing.
You can choose another segment. Segment is not only for email.
No, they don’t have to be static. The contact will experience manual removal/addition.

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Thanks so much.