Does mautic handle follow up sequences automatically?

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My Mautic version is: 3.02
My PHP version is: 7.3

Can mautic handle sequences automatically?

Say I have this scenario:

  • Set daily send maximum
    – day one 10
    – day two 25
    – day three 75
    – day four 100
    – all days after that maximum 100
  • Send 1 email per minute
  • Send at 10 pm
  • Send 2 follow ups at day 3 and day 7

How does mautic make any sense of that without going over sending limits and managing all the calculations?

Not sure my question is clear…but basically, can I set everything up as I please, and just click “send” and mautic will do it all automatically?

Additionally, could I set multiple campaigns to run on different days with a whole bunch of follow ups and conditions, all simultaneously?

Or do I need to calculate things myself with spreadsheets as I did with manual follow ups like the image below?

2020-09-27 08_33_10-Untitled 1 - LibreOffice Calc

Follow up Sequences in Mautic are known as Campaigns in Mautic. You can tell Mautic what you want to send out based on conditions you set.

Mautic will work out what to send when based on what you’ve setup in your Campaign rules. If you set the mail type to Marketing Campaign when adding it in a Campaign Mautic will ensure that the Mail does not go out 2x to the same person.