Multiple Campaigns / Sequence instead of parallel sending

Hello friends,

we do have couple of lead magnets and about 5 campaigns with autoresponder email series.
Lets call them A, B, C, D, E.

Many subscribers, who started one campaign e.g. A are in the middle of the email sequence of A.
They then often also download B, C or even more.
The campaigns get triggered obviously and all the campaign autoresponder mails come in parallel.

Is there a way of creating a sequence:
If you are in A, you can subscribe to B,C,D,E etc. BUT the campaign mails will be sent in sequence but not parallel. Once A is finished, the next campaign will send its mails (whatever campaign that is), then the next one and so on.

How can I achieve that? Is this even possible?

Mautic can do it.

The first question: do you have a priority of these campaigns or whatever is started first should run first?


Thanks for your time and help Joeyk,

there is no priority, just whatever ist started first and so on.

Okay, just one more question:

Let’s say I subscribe for topic A, which supposed to send me 5 emails, 1 email every 2 days, total 10 days.
After day 1 I subscribe for topic B, same frequency, 10 day process.
If on the third day I subscribe for topic C, then I will get the first email of topic C only after 18 days?

Topic A has 8 days left, Topic B starts afterwards, and goes for 10 days.

Is that okay?

Hi Joeyk,

yes exactly, it is okay.
Our Topics A, B, C, D are all about health with different aspects. We only send the info once per week, so the waiting time for the last campaign could be even longer (considering about 8 mails per campaign). But this is no issue at all.

I am truly interested how to accomplish that. Right now we have 4 different campaign forms starting 4 campaigns…


Hi, sorry took a while:
Here is the solution. Let me know if this is working for you.


Hi Joeyk,

thank you so much for your time and effort, I will set it up in the way you described. Thank you for even creating a video! WOW.

All the very best,

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First of all: thank you also ! very clean and … easy.
Following case:
contact has interestA and ends the campaign (so in between had no other interest). After the campaign is ended, the contact has interestB (or A or C)
=> is it so, that the Campaign should be set to be restarted by the contact?
Other way, nothing will happen for this contact. Is it so?

PS: how did you disabled the hints? I suppose I do not need them and, as I click quick, there is the bug of remaining on the screen until I refresh the page.

Yes you should set it to be restartable

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The hints bug is not present after Mautic 4.1.1 I think.

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