Dynamic Content bulk uploads

My Mautic version is: v2.15.1
My PHP version is: 7.1.33

My problem is regarding dynamic contents. I want to use it in emails, to personalize email as a 1:1 marketing strategy. “You ask me a product, the DEM brings automatically information, image… of that product”. So 1 dem template that collects a series of products.

With dynamic contents I can play with elements and filter conditions, so they seem a solution. I would like to understand how can I upload conditions and contents in bulk from a google sheet or something similar. Because If I manage 300 products I cannot create a dynamic content and 1000 conditions manually.

Thank you.

Hi Stefano,
I also have your same problem both to send an automatic email with an offer based on the interest of the Lead, and to insert on a page of my ecommerce a list of products profiled according to its interests.

Were you able to find the solution with Mautic?

Hi @spiderdev,
unfortunately not. It’s exactly the same and it really would change my way to “talk” with clients.

If you find further info on this,
please let me know.


Ciao Stefano,
dovresti essere Italiano…